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Curated Collection is Now Available

Curated Collection is Now Available

We're excited to announce the Vanda Curated Collection!

This collection features some of our absolute favorite decks produced by other creators. These decks are hand-selected based on the quality of design and overall aesthetic and we highly recommend them as key additions to any card collection.

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Initially we are offering four decks that are truly outstanding examples of thoughtfully crafted design work.

Deck 1: 666 V4 (Cyan)

Produced by Riffle Shuffle, 666 features impeccable attention to detail throughout with a stunning foil design on the tuckbox and wonderful custom line art on the bad design, courts, jokers, and ace of spades. This deck is beautifully crafted and the theme is applied in every aspect.


Deck 2: Burger Playing Cards



Produced by Fast Food Playing Card Company, Burger features exquisite line illustration work on the tuckbox and back design combined with fun and playfully-themed custom aces and court card illustrations. Every aspect of this deck is thoughtfully designed and well executed.


Deck 3: Outlaw Playing Cards



Produced by Kings & Crooks, Outlaw Playing Cards features amazing line work illustrations paired with rugged textures that fit the theme perfectly. Top to bottom, this is an outstanding example of custom artwork applied with an overall aesthetic that works well across the entire deck. 


Deck 4: Seafarers: Commodore Edition Playing Cards



Produced by Joker and the Thief, Seafarers: Commodore Edition Playing Cards showcases beautiful custom line art illustrations throughout, combined with an exquisitely luxurious tuckbox that continues the theme perfectly. This is a true gem that belongs in every card collection.


All four of these decks are now available here at and can be added directly to your order along with any of our other products.

We hope you enjoy and appreciate these fine examples of top quality design!

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