Creative Director

David Goldklang

David founded Vanda Playing Cards in 2012 after funding his first deck design on Kickstarter. He has designed artwork for most of our products and overseen art direction of other artists in the Vanda Artists Series.


A deck of cards designed for poker and gaming, this plastic card stock is waterproof and durable yet still handles almost as well as our classic paper stock decks.


A bacon-themed deck of cards…these may be the most deliciously designed playing cards ever!


This whimsical 4-color deck features mustaches on every pip and is perfect for poker, bridge, or any other standard card games.


Polaris is a celestial-themed deck with modern woodcut-style illustrations. This 4-color deck is perfect for poker, bridge, or any other standard card games and the borderless back design looks amazing when fanned.


Ren showcases playing cards in their purest form. This minimalist deck is inspired by vintage decks that featured only pips with no indexes.


Unicorn Playing Cards feature a bright rainbow color palette and, of course, unicorns! Designed for cardistry, the back border features a 360 degree rainbow stripe which produces 4 different fan colors.


The original deck in the Vanda product line, these playing cards are the only 100% rotationally symmetric cards ever designed.


Zero is a bright and bold deck designed with cardistry in mind, featuring minimalistic graphic court card illustrations and a unique pip layout.